Who We Are

COPIA are specialist providers of workflow solutions and innovation to professional services organisations, particularly in the healthcare and legal industries.

What We Do

COPIA provide full implementation (install, configure, support and training) for professional workflow solutions;
Dictation / Transcription, Speech Recognition Workflow transcription management, Olympus – Philips, Dragon NaturallySpeaking, Lexacom


Copia provides support and training from our Offices located in Adelaide and Sydney CBD. Support and training is also delivered remotely to many country locations Australia wide.

Specific Benefits of Copia

  • Experience and Stability – COPIA have been servicing the South Australian and National business community since 1979.
  • COPIA are Top level distributors in Australia for the following professional branded products.
  • Olympus – Pro Dealers and Certified Partner Professional Audio Products
  • Philips – Certified Master Digital Centre
  • Nuance (Dragon Speech Recognition) – Gold Certified Partner
  • Nuance Medical (Dragon Medical Speech Recognition)- Certified Partner
  • Lexacom – Exclusive Australian Distributor
  • Plantronics – Plantronics Connect partner and Sub distributor.

Why is this important?

These certifications guarantee a superior level of training and expertise in our suppliers systems..

Specific Solutions Benefits

  • Transcription/Dictation saves Professionals and Executives time.
  • Speech recognition significantly improves both input and transcription time.
  • Lexacom workflow management reduces transcription time and allows effective transcription management
  • Plantronics headset solutions increase employee efficiency and significantly reduce physical stresses in transcription, administration and knowledge.

Why Choose Copia?

COPIA is committed to ongoing training and continued improvement

  • Delivers the best value possible based on performance and price
  • Standardised configuration and implementation across a company from a premium supplier, reduces costs, complexity, installation times leading to reduced maintenance.
  • Single points of contact reduce duplication of effort in purchasing, supply chain administration and support.
  • COPIA delivers a “Simply Better Workflow”