Philips SpeechLive Dictation Advanced Business Package – 2 year

Philips SpeechLive Dictation Advanced Business Package – 2 year

Speak, Send, Done

Automatic renewal , Includes FREE remote telephonee-mail support



Philips SpeechLive takes the dictation workflow to the cloud – with all of its great benefits. Record your dictations – anywhere, at any time and benefit from maximum security and reliability. Conveniently receive written documents in no time with the first complete Philips speech-to-text workflow solution.

Enjoy the following benefits:

Access all your recorded files anywhere, anytime. Even without Internet access, you can still work in local mode and synchronize all your recordings when you are online again.

SpeechLive offers highly secure online storage, keeping your files safe from unauthorized access. The solution works
with maximum connection security using the HTTPS protocol. All stored data is automatically encrypted and server mirroring keeps your data reliably secured and available anytime.

With SpeechLive you are ready to go – no local server infrastructure is required. Enjoy the full benefits of the solution right away, no matter if you are a one-man business or run a company with several employees. Your
files are always available independent of the changes in your IT environment.

Setting up SpeechLive is quick and easy. The fast and intuitive installation process ensures you are ready to go within minutes. If needed, authorized SpeechLive partners will offer local support and assistance.

To avoid unauthorized access, dictation files are encrypted in real-time. The highest encryption standard available is used to protect your data, even during upload and download. Files can be encrypted for a third time if recorded in the DSS Pro format for maximum security.


SpeechLive adapts to suit the needs of your business by giving you the opportunity to adjust the number of users at any time. It now supports up to 50 users per account. SpeechLive offers flexible subscription options, making sure the solution always fits your budget requirements.


The workflow can conveniently be managed from your web browser. No need to install any complicated software. Settings can be re-adjusted anywhere, anytime. For working even quicker and more accurately, the brand new ergonomic foot control can be integrated seamlessly. It enables transcriptionists to start and stop playback with a slight movement of the foot tip.

The automatic backup function protects your data against accidental loss. Your recorded files are always safe, even if your computer crashes, you suddenly lose Internet connection or unintentionally erase your data

Philips SpeechLive transcription service now does the typing for you. It even offers the transcription of multi-speaker recordings involving two or more persons. Get finished documents in three easy steps. First record, second send, third, receive the finished document. It is as easy as that and saves you valuable time, increasing the efficiency of your work life.

The speech recognition service allows you to get more work done, in less time. Simply dictate your notes or tasks into your Philips voice recorder or dictation recorder app and have your files transcribed almost immediately by our sophisticated software.

Excellent workflow management

Adapt the solution to your company’s way of working. Administrators can easily define authors and typists, as well as assigning the workflow from anywhere in the world, to balance workload.


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