Lexacom Echo Speech Recognition Medical Service – 1 Year Monthly Subscription

Lexacom Echo Speech Recognition Medical Service – 1 Year Monthly Subscription

World leading AI speech recognition from the new Lexacom Echo.



Lexacom Echo Speech Recognition Improves Dictation and Transcription


The brand new Lexacom Echo speech recognition service revolutionizes the way that professional speech recognition is made available and has the potential to dramatically improve efficiency. Lexacom Echo uses the latest in artificial intelligence to manage and support profession-specific dictionaries for our users, ensuring Echo stays up to date with not only professional terms but also acronyms and abbreviations. It uses the latest artificial intelligence to offer market-leading accuracy, without profile training.


Lexacom is exactly what you need, from your very first word.

Designed to reduce the burden of admin on busy administrators, Lexacom Echo speech recognition service makes use of the latest AI technology to ensure high levels of accuracy at all times. There is no need to follow any voice training enrollment process nor a need for users to sit in lengthy training courses. For the majority of users, Lexacom Echo will work exactly as they need it to from their very first word.

At Lexacom, all software is designed with the user in mind and Lexacom Echo speech recognition is no exception. Once installed Echo displays as a clean, simple toolbar that can be placed anywhere on the screen. When a user needs to access the software, they can simply place the cursor where they would normally type, hit the record button on the microphone and their words will appear as they speak.

In most cases, people talk much faster than they can type. Reducing document creation times and admin workload would provide beneficial time savings for any busy workplace. Our studies show that the use of Lexacom Echo speech recognition will allow users to electronically create documents at a speed of up to 160 words per minute; 3 times faster than typing and therefore, a significant time-saving.

As an integral part of Lexacom 3, the Lexacom Echo speech recognition service is available to all users without the need for significant upfront investment in PC hardware or software and offers much greater flexibility.

The benefits of Lexacom Echo speech recognition:

Profession-specific vocabularies for medical, legal, and business are fully integrated and updated regularly ensuring consistent accuracy

  • Uses the latest AI technology
  • Readily available without profile training
  • Use at home or at the office
  • Market-leading accuracy
  • Save up to 80% of admin time (as people generally speak faster than they can type)
  • Secure, cloud-based, no need for server
  • Add additional users with a few simple clicks
  • A 1 year subscription billed monthly fee


Your Lexacom Echo speech recognition subscription includes FREE remote set up and training, 


It’s time to take dictation and workflow to the next level. For a wide variety of options that best suit your professional needs, visit our store or call us at 1300 026 742 today! Our licensed specialists are ready to assist you.


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