Olympus AS-50 Sonority Plus CD-ROM

Olympus AS-50 Sonority Plus CD-ROM

Easy and smart management of voice and music files, advanced editing with visual waveform.


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Olympus AS-50 Sonority Plus: Smartly Managing Your Audio Files


Olympus AS-50 Sonority Plus is software that allows you to easily and smartly manage and edit large numbers of audio and music files. It consists of a browse screen for management and a waveform edit screen for visually advanced editing, and you can switch quickly with tabs.


  • Windows and Macintosh‑compatible
  • Browsing Audio files
  • Waveform‑data editing (Multitrack editing, composition, cut, paste, etc.)
  • Linear PCM Support
  • Web services (RSS Information, Podcast Channel Guide, Firmware Update, Software Update, and Upgrade)
  • optional upgrade to Sonority Plus (additional functions: Supports recorder menu setup, Audio CD Writing, MP3 encoding)
  • optional Music Editing PlugIn (additional functions: no restrictions of multiple tracks, over 20 types of advanced effect functions, manage multiple audio files)

Sonority Plus Features:

Manage audio data easily

With Olympus AS-50 Sonority Plus, high-speed data transfer is possible in both directions between the recorder and PC, so you can manage a large amount of audio data smartly. File management is easy. You can freely create folders and store them as you like. Speed ​​control, noise reduction, tone control effects, audio file conversion, division, and combining functions can also be easily operated from the browse screen.

Supports various audio file formats

Rest assured that it supports the playback of various audio files. File format conversion is also possible.

Comment on audio files

You can comment on your notes in an audio file. You can easily manage detailed information that you may forget.

Enjoy podcast programs

Olympus AS-50 Sonority Plus supports downloading, managing, and transferring podcast content. You can enjoy the program easily.

Visually control sound “waveform editing”

Visualisation of sound information with waveforms that are easy for beginners to understand. Waveforms can be easily scaled up and down for comfortable editing.

Edit/composite on multiple tracks

Olympus AS-50 Sonority Plus supports “grouping” of multiple tracks and “offset” to shift the position of each track. Multiple “index marks” can be registered to improve work efficiency. In addition, files can be divided and combined, and the function to equalise the volume is also included, so you can edit music easily and comfortably.

One-touch correction” that gives an effect with one click

You can combine the effects that you use frequently and apply them with a single click. Detailed settings are also possible.

Useful and useful features

Olympus AS-50 Sonority Plus is comfortable because it has a lot of useful functions, such as music CD creation and functions linked with the recorder.


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What’s new?

OM Systems is the new Olympus. Check out the announcement regarding the transition of the new branding by Olympus Digital Solutions.


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