Olympus CR3 Docking Station for DS-4000/ DS-3300/ DS2300

Olympus CR3 Docking Station for DS-4000/ DS-3300/ DS2300

Docking Station for DS-4000


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Connect and Download Files Fast and Easily with Olympus CR3 Docking Station


The Olympus CR3 docking station is a nice stand to place your DS-4000, DS-3300, or DS-2300 on your desk, allowing hands-free dictation,  It is multi-functional and connects via USB cable to your computer to download your dictation files quickly and easily.


While connected to a switched-on PC it recharges the inserted battery of DS-4000 or DS-3300 automatically.

  • Recharge function for DS-4000 battery pack
  • Allows hands-free dictation with DS-4000
  • Fast download via USB


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What’s new?

OM Systems is the new Olympus. Check out the announcement regarding the transition of the new branding by Olympus Digital Solutions.


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