Olympus LI-42B Li-ion Rechargeable Battery For DS-7000

Olympus LI-42B Li-ion Rechargeable Battery For DS-7000

High efficiency and extremely low memory effect


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Olympus LI-42B Li-ion Rechargeable Battery: Powering Your Dictation Device


This Li-ion rechargeable battery for DS-7000 is designed for use with a professional Olympus dictation device DS-7000. Always be prepared with an extra battery for traveling or long meetings. When you are back in the office simply recharge by placing the recorder in its docking station.


The Li-ion rechargeable battery is suitable for quick recharging with the exclusive Olympus Lithium-ion battery charger LI‑40C or LI‑41C. The extremely compact and ultra‑slim design of the LI‑42B rechargeable Li‑Ion battery makes storage and transportation very convenient. With a capacity of 740mAh, the new Li‑Ion battery allows hundreds of images to be shot before the battery needs to be recharged.


For long trips or vacations, make sure to take an extra battery along for the ride! The LI-42B rechargeable battery for DS-7000 is compatible with digital cameras that use the LI-40B. The Olympus compatible charger is the LI-41C.


Running out of battery? Don’t panic! Grab your Olympus LI-42B rechargeable battery and never miss important details ever again.


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