Olympus ME31 Compact Gun Microphone

Olympus ME31 Compact Gun Microphone

Sturdy metal body makes this microphone a reliable choice for lecture recording and outdoor use.


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Olympus ME31 Compact Gun Microphone: Record Clearly Even from a Distance


The Olympus ME31 compact gun microphone is great for recording birds singing outdoors.  The adoption of a metal-cut body makes it very sturdy.  It is also convenient for lectures and other events as there is a stand that attaches to the grip to enable the microphone to be placed on a table.  A grip that facilitates the attachment of a microphone stand (NS 5/8″) or camera tripod is also included.


  • Convenient for recording wild birds.
  • A tough body that is easy to grip. Can be used hand-held or placed on a table.
  • Ideal for pinpoint recording outdoors.


It’s time to take dictation and recording to the next level. Olympus ME31 directional microphone allows recording clear audio at a distance. Take a tour of our website and find a wide variety of workflow solutions that suits your business needs. Experience transformation. Call us today at +61 8 8223 5590.


What’s new?

OM Systems is the new Olympus. Check out the announcement regarding the transition of the new branding by Olympus Digital Solutions.


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