Philips SpeechAir PSP1100 Smart Voice Recorder

Philips SpeechAir PSP1100 Smart Voice Recorder

is available on purchases between $10 and $2,000 learn more

Discontinued, replaced with the latest Philips PSP2100

The Philips SpeechAir handheld voice recorder is the first voice recorder with a big touch screen, app functionality and the convenient slide switch operation known to professional dictation for more than 60 years. The ergonomic slide switch is designed for efficient single-handed operation of all recording functions. It quickly controls the recorder app between play, pause, stop, fast forward and fast rewind modes without having to tap the display.

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Philips SpeechAir PSP1100 Smart Voice Recorder – Discontinued. We suggest using Philips SpeechLive


Key Features

  • Wi-Fi, LAN, Bluetooth, USB, and VoIP
  • to stay connected anywhere you go
  • Three dedicated microphones
  • for optimized voice recording
  • Wear-free slide switch and function key
  • for ultimate usability
  • Barcode scanner and camera
  • for quick file association


The Philips SpeechAir PSP1100 Smart Voice Recorder allows you to work more flexibly and helps you make the most of your valuable time. Work and send your files to be transcribed from any location at any time, using the integrated Wi-Fi. With a built-in camera, you can also attach photos to your dictations. Documents can be sent off immediately, no need to wait until you are back in the office. Your files can be encrypted in real-time for maximum data security using AES 256bit.

The Philips SpeechAir PSP1100 Smart Voice Recorder has 3 professional microphones for ultimate recording quality. The microphones are ideal for recording dictations and meetings. For noisy environments, such as when dictating on a train or in a shared office, It filters out background noise and records your voice perfectly.

The Philips SpeechAir PSP1100 does not include Philips SpeechExec Pro Dictate software.

Wear-free Slide Switch

The ergonomic and wear-free slide switch is designed for efficient single-handed operation without having to look down at the device. It allows for quick and easy dictation handling (play, pause, stop, fast forward, fast rewind). A customizable function key above the slider gives quick access to the dictation app.

Docking Station

The docking station with an anti-theft system (Kensington lock) automatically transfers all your recordings to your computer and quickly re-charges your device. The LAN connection allows you to transfer your files directly from the docking station without a computer.

Larger Playback Speaker

The large built-in speaker allows you to playback your recordings in crystal-clear audio quality. A smaller speaker is also situated at the front of the machine for excellent quality stereo playback of your dictations.

Wi-Fi, LAN, USB & Bluetooth

Save time by transferring your finished recordings wirelessly to your transcription staff and directly accessing patient or client data. Use Wi-Fi for VoIP calls and access your emails and calendar. Use Bluetooth to send and receive data or to connect external speakers.

Philips Dictation App

The integrated recorder app comes with professional dictation features such as editing modes, priority, EOL flag, enhanced data, and dictation list as well as sending options (to network folder, Philips SpeechLive services, or email recipients).

Gorilla Glass & Antimicrobial Housing

Gorilla glass makes the device scratch and shock-resistant. The device is shockproof according to military standard 516.6. The housing is made of antimicrobial synthetics. These materials work against bacteria and various microorganisms to ensure hygienic working.

Barcode Scanner & Camera

The camera allows you to conveniently attach photos supporting your dictations. It can also be used as an integrated barcode scanner linking patient and client data to a recording.

Remote Administration

Optional remote administration using Philips Remote Device Management software* allows IT administrators to manage, configure and update dictation hardware centrally, saving valuable time and resources.

Maximum Data Security

Recordings are encrypted in real-time using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256bit, which has been approved in the USA for the most highly classified government information. A PIN code protects the device against unauthorized use. Settings can be locked, for instance, connection to Wi-Fi networks can be restricted.

Hardware SDK

The Hardware SDK allows the integration of SpeechAir into other workflow solutions, such as hospital information systems (HIS) or law practice management software. This allows for example access to patient and client data directly on your SpeechAir to achieve a smoother workflow.

Dictation Workflow

SpeechAir also comes with Philips SpeechExec Pro Dictate software for an efficient and streamlined offline office workflow (PSP1200). The Philips SpeechLive service transfers your dictation workflow to the cloud and features online speech recognition and a transcription service. (

Android Operating System

Android is a secure and intuitive operating system that allows you to install apps on your SpeechAir and have all important applications on one single device.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

The software development kit (SDK) allows you to customize your existing app to use the different microphones, speakers, slide switch, function key, microphone sensitivity and LED.

Three Professional Microphones

Three professional microphones deliver ultimate sound quality in any recording situation. The 360° microphone is ideal for recording dictations and meetings. The direction microphone is best suited for noisy environments. For VoIP telephony, the SpeechAir uses a dedicated microphone

Feature list

  • Slide Switch – Record,Stop,Play,Rewind
  • Operating System: Android 4.4.2
  • CPU: Dual Core Cortex A9 1.6GHz
  • 16GB Internal Memory
  • Sensors: Light Sensor, motion sensor, optical proximity sensor
  • Headphone Jack: 3.5mm
  • Microphone Jack: 3.5mm
  • USB: micro USB 2.0
  • Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n
  • Bluetooth: v4.0
  • 4inch Screen, 480×800 pixels
  • Audio recording (operating system) AMR, ACC
  • Audio recording Philips App: DSS Pro, WAV
  • Speaker: built-in rectangular dynamic speaker
  • Camera Resolution: 5 megapixels
  • Battery Capacity: 12 hours in DSS QP mode
  • Encryption: AES 256bit
  • Included Accessories
  • Docking Station
  • In-Ear Headphones
  • 2x USB cables
  • Power Adaptor (International)


Take dictation and workflow to the next level with Philips SpeechAir PSP1100 Recorder. Experience transformation. Copia, together with Philips can help you cut down turnaround times, cut operational costs, increase productivity, and get better accuracy. We offer a wide variety of workflow solutions that suits your business needs. Call us today at +61 8 8223 5590.


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