FIBARO Intercom

FIBARO Intercom

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The amazing guardian of your home



FIBARO Intercom: The Amazing Guardian of Your Home


Your home. Your enclave of peace and quiet. The place which surrounds you with warmth and lets your love blossom. No wonder you want to protect it as well as you can. So here it is FIBARO Intercom a shard of magic trapped in a little, elegant silver ring, a real guardian spirit that is about to shield your home with a protective barrier. Here is a device from fairyland, charming within its beauty, and at the same time ready to help you in thousands of ways.


Multifunctional device

Like a djinni from the Arabian Nights, FIBARO Intercom is truly indestructible and ready for all the challenges and discomforts of life, the list of its skills will long continue to surprise you.

Outstanding quality of sound

Gifted with great powers, FIBARO Intercom not only sees but also hears perfectly well. All the sounds from the outside will reach you unpolluted like there was no solid barrier between you and their source.

Pure voice magic

The smart home Intercom uses two directional microphones to process the voice and make it clear and of pure quality. Enjoy a true connection performance and have a chat with your guests with a precise and quality voice transmission. The video doorbell makes your connection sound extremely articulate.

Voice mail

A good guardian spirit forgets nothing. Should a visitor come when you are not home, it will record his or her message to you which you can later listen to whenever you please.

Surveillance features

FIBARO Intercom includes features of a perfect surveillance system letting you watch the live preview of your home surroundings. Make sure your home is safe and use the Intercom to monitor the current situation.

Take your home on holiday

Your guardian spirit never sleeps, but it knows that you need rest. It will patiently protect your property when you are away. You only need to have your phone with you and you will always be able to check who is knocking on your door, even over the hills and far away.


They used to call it magic spells, now they are called applications, but whatever the name, they work in the same way and let you ask your guardian spirit to do whatever you wish.

A highly-developed technology of image

The world through the eye of your guardian spirit is crystal clear. The picture it shows is as charming and fluid as a winter’s tale.

Magnificent view quality

FIBARO Intercom is a vigilant guardian, ready to serve you even in the worst conditions possible. It will not be deceived by poor light nor nasty weather. It will always clearly show you the face of a visitor at your doorstep.

Live preview

FIBARO Intercom will not only serve you as a guardian but also as a spy. Thanks to it, you may be able to peer into every room of your house at all times. You will discover all the secrets of your house like who steals sweets from your kitchen? Are the children really to blame or perhaps there is a gremlin living under your stairs.


It’s time to take safety and convenience to the next level. Copia together with FIBARO provides a wide variety of reliable safety solutions that can best suit your home and office needs. Get yours now! For further inquiries, please reach out to our licensed specialists by calling +61 8 8223 5590.


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