Digital Dictation Systems

Copia is proud for being of the best productivity and transcription solutions in various sectors in our society. We have been in partnerships with a number of businesses and professional in the legal, finance, and medical sectors. Nowadays, we have an impeccable and almost fool-proof digital dictation system that offers help to the following sectors:


Legal and Law Enforcement

We partner with legal and law enforcement sector so they can buy voice recorder that will answer their everyday needs. We have transcription solutions to lighten their workload by offering a faster and more efficient way of transcribing. We have worked hand in hand with people in authority so we can understand and deliver exactly what they need. Best of all, our service is coupled with confidentiality.



One of the sectors that needs our help best is the healthcare industry. Our transcription solutions allow our medical professionals to deliver their utmost care among their patients through accurate and timely medical transcriptions. Our solutions can process medical reports dictated by physicians, nurses, as well as other healthcare practitioners.



The finance industry had used our service for their analysts’ reports, business surveys, research reports, annual meetings, earnings call transcripts, financial reports, seminars, webinars, and more. Aside from a being a help in their daily operation, our service allows financial professionals to cut down their overhead costs for monotonous administrative services.



We are also the help needed by both the teaching professionals and students. Our transcription system can lighten their loads of doing strenuous writing and note keeping.


Home Automation

Copia also offers home automation systems to keep up with the demands of time. A smart home is a safer and more conducive home for living. Since the house is where you can find the people you love most, it is but responsible to ensure a safer living place.


We have serviced these sectors; now let us service yours too. Call us at +61 8 8223 5590 today!