Home Automation

Secure and Safe Speech Recognition Home Automation

Our home is where our loved ones usually stay. It is just sensible that we keep it safe and secure through speech recognition home automation tools and gadgets.

Copia has been dedicated to providing every home automation technologies possible. From text to speech home assistant, voice to text home automation, and voice command home automation. We offer all of them through high-quality products that have been tested to work through the years.

We have a diverse product list. We also have in stock some of the most renowned home automation tools like Amazon Alexa Automation and the Amazon Echo Dot Home Automation. We update our product lists often so do not fail to visit our website from time to time to get the updated list.

What made Copia a cut above the rest is that we only offer products and tools that we have personally used and tested. We want to build a long-term relationship with our customers. We want them to trust us so they can recommend our business to their friends and family members.

Part of our pledge for good customer relation is making sure that our customers understand how to use our products. And in times when they need clarifications or if they have question about product’s functionalities, we are always ready and available to lend our helping hand.

Furthermore, we offer repair services at a reasonable price. Our technicians are well-equipped with tools and knowledge to go about the repair. We also understand the inconvenience a damage item might have on you so we will make it a point to provide loaned tools and gadgets while we repair yours.