FIBARO Motion Sensor

FIBARO Motion Sensor

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Keep your home and business safe at all times.



FIBARO Motion Sensor: Keeping Your Home Safe


The Fibaro Motion Sensor is a HomeKit-enabled multi-sensor using Bluetooth low energy wireless technology. Just under 2-inch diameter, featuring an immaculate, sleek, and modern white casing, you’ll fall in love with this motion sensor at first sight. Small yet beautiful and is your home’s ultimate guardian, watching over you and your family 24/7.

Full Mobility

Battery-powered and completely wireless, the Motion Sensor features a smart bracket with a grip that allows it to be affixed almost anywhere – even on a wall or ceiling. The Sensor’s location can be changed at any time for ultimate comfort and convenience.

Technologically Advanced

FIBARO engineers created one of the world’s most advanced technologies and placed it in a miniature case.

Compatible with Other Devices

Its true potential shines when the FIBARO Motion Sensor is paired with other smart home devices. The sensor is capable of activating even the most complex sequences which are only limited by human imagination.


Apart from sensing motion, the device also measures temperature and light levels, offering you a more complete motion detection solution. The accelerometer detects a change in location or any attempt at opening its casing.

Colors indicate temperature change

After detecting movement, the motion detector will use a different color to inform you about the current temperature in the room.

Alarm panel

The Fibaro Home Center panel displays more than just the current status. It also contains the history of events crucial to your safety.

Immediate notifications

The device will immediately inform you about any motion by sending a notification to your smartphone…

Light intensity measurement

A sensor hidden in the FIBARO Motion Sensor will allow you to dynamically adjust the lamps to the amount of natural light. The system will set the optimal lighting levels for everyone in the house, and illuminate the space around the building, all while conserving energy and saving money.

A home that wakes up with you

The Motion Sensor makes each morning unique. As soon as you wake up, the sensor will activate a scene that wakes up the entire house along with you.

Always perfect lighting

By measuring light intensity, the Motion Sensor will adjust the lighting to your needs. The sensor’s movement monitoring feature can wait until your little one is sound asleep before turning off the light. With FIBARO, you don’t need to worry about your child when they sleep, or about wasting unnecessary energy.

Adjustable sensitivity levels

The sensitivity setting of your Fibaro Motion Sensor can be changed to meet your needs. For example, adjust it to exclude the detection of small animals, like your cat or dog.

Full control via the mobile app

Our mobile app allows you to control and check the status of the motion detector right from your phone. It is the most convenient and the easiest way to control your home from wherever you are.

Choose your platform

FIBARO has created two versions of the FIBARO Motion Sensor – one for the FIBARO system or other compatible Z-Wave controllers, and one for Apple HomeKit. Select the one compatible with your system. with either technology.


It’s time to take safety and security to the next level. Copia together with FIBARO provides a wide variety of reliable security and safety solutions that can best suit your home and office needs. Buy now or call +61 8 8223 5590 for further inquiries!


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