Philips ACC8100 Rechargeable li-ion Battery for DPM4

Philips ACC8100 Rechargeable li-ion Battery for DPM4

Extra long recording with the rechargeable li-ion battery




  • Lithium ion technology for repeated recharging
  • Enjoy full battery capacity over and over again
  • Save the environment and money compared to alkaline batteries
  • Tolerant of partial charging
  • Low self-discharge rate
  • The ideal battery for Philips voice recorders

Repeated charging

Lithium ion technology allows you to repeatedly recharge your battery. No need to buy disposable batteries. This saves you time and money involved in buying new batteries.Built-in motion sensor for automatic microphone selection

No capacity loss over time

A li-ion battery can be re-energized fully up to 1000 times without draining it before charging. You will not need to replace this battery for a very long time

Environment friendly batteries

Because rechargeable batteries can be recharged and reused numerous times, they contribute less waste and help save your money and the environment.

Tolerant of partial charging

Lithium ion batteries are tolerant of partial charging, which means there is no effect on battery life even if you do not have time to fully recharge your battery.

Low self-discharge rate

The lithium ion battery can be left idle for extended periods of time, which means the device is always ready to use, when you need it.

1000 mAh rechargeable

The 1000 mAh of energy offers long-lasting performance for your Philips voice recorder.


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