Olympus AS-9001OLP ODMS R7 DM Digital Volume User License

Olympus AS-9001OLP ODMS R7 DM Digital Volume User License

Dictation made simple with ODMS R7



Work Efficiently with Olympus Dictation Management System ODMS R7

ODMS R7 allows you to work more efficiently. With its key features below, you’ll surely save time and energy. It allows you to convert your dictation into a transcribed text. In collaboration with a transcriptionist, speech recognition software, or a combination of both.

  • Efficient document creation
  • Secure workflow
  • Adaptable audio player/recorder

Simple and collaborative speech-to-text workflow

Fast and simple ways to share your dictation files, either via email, a shared folder, or FTP. Automatic (e.g. author ID) and manual tagging (e.g. priority level, work type) of dictations simplifies the transcription workflow and makes it secure.

Classic Transcription

Once you are done dictating, send the file directly to a typist. Once transcribed, the file is returned to you as a text one.

Automatic transcription

If you are using the dictation module of the software together with the Dragon speech recognition software feature, manual transcription is no longer required. The Dragon software automatically transcribes the dictation.

Advanced voice transcription

After sending your dictation file to a typist who is using the transcription module of the software in conjunction with the Dragon* speech recognition software, the dictation gets automatically transcribed. The typist role would just be to refine the file and send it back. All corrections train the user´s speech recognition profile. Olympus Dictation Management System ODMS R7 gives you a huge time and effort saving deal.

It’s time to take dictation and workflow to the next level. To experience simply better workflow, visit our store and find a wide variety of workflow solutions that best suit your professional needs. Our licensed specialists are ready to assist you. Call 1300 026 742 today!


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