Olympus DS-2600 Professional Voice Recording with DSS player

Olympus DS-2600 Professional Voice Recording with DSS player

“Olympus DS-2600 Makes Dictation Easy”

Work faster and more efficiently. DS-2600 is your new personal digital solution. It’s an easy-to-use dictation device, ensures greater efficiency in everyday work. Whether you’re in a meeting, a lecture, on the go, the DS-2600 supports you in your documentation and recording workflow in any environment.



Dictate with Accuracy & Clarity

A dual microphone technology that allow variety of optimized recording environments. Setting can be changed to suit any environment such as in a conference room with multiple individuals speaking, where a wide directional setting is ideal for recording in such condition.

Professional Quality Studio Recording Built-in

A studio quality pop filter is included to reduces additional noise from wind and breath noise, to insure more accurate transcription and professional quality recordings.

Motion Sensor and VCVA Technology

The motion sensor allows the user to wake up the device simply by picking it up to immediately start recording, while the Olympus VCVA technology automatically tracks pauses in a speaker’s dictation, which saves time, power and recording space. Furthermore, these features can easily be customized and allow up to 15 different sensitivity levels, providing immediate usage and power saving options for every user.

4 Position Optical Slide Switch

An optical slide switch to protect the device against mechanical failure and also allow ease of use with 4 slide positions for record, stop, play and rewind.

Shock Proof Body Improves Longevity

With up to 1.5 meter (4.9-ft) fall resistant, the reliable body design significantly improves the lifespan of the device in heavy use environments.

Stereo Recording Capability

Dual-directional microphones ensures stereo recording capability

Recording Formats

Select from 4 different recording formats, DSS, DSS Pro, WAV and MP3


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