Philips DPM8900 PocketMemo Meeting Recorder

Philips DPM8900 PocketMemo Meeting Recorder

This Model DPM8900 Meeting Recorder takes conference capturing to a new level. A flexible and easy to sue system, with the extendable 360° microphone set up that ensures capturing everyone’s voice in a high audio quality




  • 360-degree sound pick-up for optimal recording
  • High recording quality in DSS Pro, MP3 and PCM format
  • Extendable solution for increased recording range
  • SpeechExec workflow software for fast document creation

With the DPM8900, every voice will be heard and recorded. The innovative set up ensures capturing everyone’s ideas in a high audio quality, regardless of the seating arrangement around the table. The extendable 360° microphone system offers flexibility as well as ease of operate.

360-degree radius perfect sound capturing setup for a smooth recording experience. Meetings can be easily recorded.

The DSS format was developed for use in digital voice recorders, allowing a high compression ratio with minimal loss of quality while enabling you to save additional information in the file header. The PCM format, on the other hand, allows stereo recording in CD-like audio quality and the MP3 format is the common audio format for consumer audio storage, as well as a de facto standard encoding for the transfer and playback on digital audio players.

Connecting up to six meeting microphones, would easily extend the recording range of your Pocket Memo meeting recorder.

The creative boundary layer concept of the included meeting microphones utilizes the sound pressure of the table to provide excellent sound and recording quality with a 360 degree sound-pick up radius.

Keeping the desk tidy and professional is now possible thanks to the built-in wire storage in the 360° microphones, which allows you to adjust the length of the cable to perfectly suit your needs.

Just like will all DPM recorder, the elegant metal carrying case ensures highest mobility and safe transportation.

The SpeechExec software organizes the workflow of dictation files and resulting documents between author and typist, which allows you to monitor the status of your work.

The Pocket Memo meeting recorder with the easy to use technology ensure excellent sound quality

The exchangeable memory card allows virtually unlimited recording capacity.

Once connected to the computer, the DPM automatically downloads your audio files directly onto the assigned location on the computer.

Your recorder comes with

  • PocketMemo digital voice recorder DPM8900
  • Docking station
  • Four meeting microphones
  • Memory card
  • Power supply
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Remote control
  • USB cable
  • Splitter cable
  • Pouch
  • SpeechExec Basic Dictation Software
  • Metal carry case
  • Quick start guide


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