Olympus AS-9000 professional transcription kit with ODMS licence

Olympus AS-9000 professional transcription kit with ODMS licence

High efficiency Transcription workstation at you desk


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  • Stereo Headset E103
  • Footswitch RS31H
  • Professional Transcription Software

The perfect setup to transcript and document your dictations with ease and simplicity.

Stereo Headset E103

  • Perfect to put on and off without destroying the haircut
  • Comfortable to wear even over hours
  • Speech optimized sound quality
  • 3.5mm ø mini-jack

Footswitch RS31H

  • Easy control of transcription software (play, stop, rewind etc.)
  • Extremely durable and long USB cable (2.5 m)
  • Perfect ergonomics for any shoe size – Extra wide centre pedal
  • Centre or top pedal can be locked
  • HID keyboard mode (optional)
  • Keyboard shortcuts support (e.g. “Ctrl + Alt + P” or “Alt + 1”)
  • Multimedia keys support
  • Full compatibility with Olympus’ dictation management software
  • Nonslip mat to keep it in place

ODMS R7 Professional Transcription Software

  • Transcription documents can be shared in a folder or sent via e-mail or FTP, and are linked automatically with the original dictation files.
  • The status of a transcription can be determined at a glance.
  • Transcription can be performed while listening to the dictation file in the Playback Control window.
  • Security and other advanced settings can be configured in addition to the items that can be configured on the device.


  • electronic download link provided for software installation download
  • digital licence provided after purchase

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