Olympus DR-1000 Handheld Dictation Microphone

Olympus DR-1000 Handheld Dictation Microphone

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Effortless single-handed Dictation Microphone


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Olympus DR-1000 Dictation Microphone: High-Quality Dictation Device with Adjustable Mic Sensor


The Olympus DR-1000 Dictation Microphone is one of the first few desktop microphones ever introduced by Olympus. It takes pride in its features that are essential to the general and professional dictation devices. It is specially designed for the user’s comfort and convenience as it allows long hours of continuous use.



Unique Design

The Olympus DR-1000 Dictation Microphone has a smooth design with a convenient button location for effortless single-handed control.

Speech Recognition

Works out of the box with no extra software required with Lexacom Echo. The DR1000 also works with Dragon, MModal, TalkType but does require the Olympus Device Configuration Manager which is free to download and install. You can also use the microphone for any other applications such as Skype, Teams, Zoom, and many more.

Edit Existing Recordings

Take advantage of the ability to edit an existing audio file with the Olympus dictation software.


High-Sensitivity Microphones

Uses 10mm, highly sensitive, built-in Omni-directional microphones. The microphone sensitivity can be modified using DSS Player to suit the surrounding environment.


DSS Recording Format

DR1000 could save a recording as a file on a PC in DSS or DS2 (Digital Speech Standard) format by using the Olympus Dictation software.


It’s time to take dictation and workflow to the next level. Copia together with Olympus can help you cut down turnaround times, cut operational costs, increase productivity, and get better audio quality. We offer a wide variety of workflow solutions that suits your business needs. Experience transformation. Call us today at +61 8 8223 5590.


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What’s new?

OM Systems is the new Olympus. Check out the announcement regarding the transition of the new branding by Olympus Digital Solutions.


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