Vestaboard White Smart Display (Standard Edition)

Vestaboard White Smart Display (Standard Edition)

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Brighten your day with Vestaboard White – Standard Edition



Vestaboard Smart Display: Connect and Inspire

This Standard Edition White Vestaboard is now in stock, We have stock in Australia for FREE delivery. Copia can also help with installation, setup and training if required.


We’ve totally re-imagined the design of a split-flap display you might see at a train station. Using your mobile device, you can send messages, get updates, or show patterns and colors with Vestaboard smart display.


Why Vestaboard Smart Display?

Beautiful and captivating

Vestaboard creates a focal point and a shared messaging experience that captures attention and enhances any setting every day.

Communicate what matters

No matter where you are, your mobile device controls Vestaboard from anywhere to send messages that make a difference at the right time.

Inspire for good

Bring people together and foster a sense of connection. Keep loved ones or team members energized and in sync.


Use Vestaboard Anywhere


Art, inspiration, and organization in a single frame.


Keep team members and customers in sync.

Vestaboard is not a Digital Screen

Vestaboard has 8,448 beautifully printed, wonderfully spinning flaps giving you infinite ways to mesmerize your family, friends or guests.

Inspire From Anywhere

Use your mobile device to send Vestaboard messages or set automated updates.

Sync With Your Favorite Apps

Vestaboard easily connects to hundreds of services for automated updates.


It’s time to take messaging to the next level with Vestaboard smart display. If you’re looking for workflow solutions, turn to us. Copia provides solutions that can help you cut down turnaround times, cut operational costs, increase productivity, and get better accuracy. Call us today at +61 8 8223 5590.


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