Philips ACC1120 Shock-Proof Case for SpeechAir

Philips ACC1120 Shock-Proof Case for SpeechAir

Extra shock resistant for maximum protection of your recorder




Let Your SpeechAir Device Last Longer with Philips ACC1120 Shock-Proof Case

The Philips ACC1120 Shock-Proof Case SpeechAir has been developed to ensure maximum protection for your voice recorder, making it perfectly suitable for every working environment. The clip allows you to keep your recorder within reach at all times. Enjoy full protection and mobility.

  • Extra shock resistance for maximum protection
  • Antimicrobial surface for hygienic working
  • Raised edge for protection against screen damages
  • Noise resistant polished surface for silent operation
  • Clip for added convenience
  • Perfectly fits into the docking station
  • Full access to all ports for easy operation

Extra shock resistance

The case ensures extra shock resistance and defends your recorder against accidental drops, bumps, and scratches.

Noise resistant surface

The polished surface of the case ensures a smooth and silent operation without annoying noises during recording.

Access to ports

The case still enables full access to the slide switch, device buttons, microphone, and speaker. Easily connect an external microphone or a headset without taking the recorder out of the case.

Antimicrobial housing

The case is made of antimicrobial materials that work against bacteria and various microorganisms. This ensures a hygienic working environment.

Convenient clip

Use the clip on the case to attach the device to a shirt or belt and have your voice recorder within reach immediately.

Raised edge

The raised edge around the front safeguards your recorder from all sides and prevents shattered or scratched screens.

Perfect fit into the docking station

Even with the protective case, the SpeechAir voice recorder fits perfectly into the docking station, allowing you to automatically transfer all your recordings and quickly re-charge your device.


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