Dictate with Confidence Anytime, Anywhere with Best Professional Audio Recorder

Instant access is what most people look for these days. Instant access to the internet on their phone, wherever they are, whenever they want. For professionals like doctors, lawyers, and law enforcement officers, it’s access to documentation. Dictating anytime, anywhere; sending and receiving documents, and getting the best audio quality is gold. If you are one of these professionals, you need the best professional digital audio recorder.

What Features Make the Best Digital Recorder?

Speech Recognition Accuracy

The best professional audio recorder may be a device that incorporates low noise Omni-directional microphones and Shock Resistant Mounting which reduces touch noise from your hand. The Triple-Layer Pop-Filter blocks the wind noise when talking into the microphones. Speech recognition accuracy is dependent on the signal-to-noise ratio of the recording, which means achieving clearer voice and lower noise are the two key factors. The Beam Forming function of the professional dictation device works to suppress noise from surroundings, enhancing the voice. Strong directionality is achieved through the Intelligent Dual Microphone System which actively monitors and analyses the phase difference while recording. Users can choose three different modes, Dictation for Quiet Environment, Dictation for Noisy Environment, and Conference Recording mode.

Data Security

One of the digital audio recorders in the market today is the Olympus DS 9500. It has a 256-bit AES encryption system protects data from illegal access. This is supported when recording in the DSS pro format. This encryption standard meets high-security standards set by governments worldwide. In addition to securing the data, the DS-9500 professional dictation device lock feature protects the device from unauthorised access by utilising a 4-digit PIN code.

Workflow Integration Capability

Moreover, Olympus DS 9500 can be used with the optional Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) software which is compatible with Nuance Dragon speech recognition software, or Lexacom enterprise dictation and speech recognition solution, or Philips SpeechLive

Intuitive Controls

A slide switch is the most used part of the professional dictation device, it is essential to offer a durable and reliable switch in order to support our customers in a professional environment. The optical switch simplifies the structure of the component to reduce the potential risk of defect, yet offering excellent usability at the same time.


With the current pandemic, it is necessary to keep your dictation device clean and sanitised at all times. Choose a recorder with a body that is designed to withstand an external shock to make sure it supports day-to-day work in a professional environment. This professional dictation device should resist damage from a drop of 1.5m high. Fortunately, the DS 9500 has an alcohol resistance finish, the device can be wiped with alcohol-based cleaners or the like.

If you’re looking for the best professional digital audio recorder in Australia, one of the trusted companies you can turn to is Copia, a certified partner of Olympus. It offers one of the best professional audio recorders, the Olympus DS 9500, and other recording devices that suit your professional needs. Call +61 8 8223 5590 today.

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