Video Solution: Addressing Challenges in Online Classes, Meetings, and Conferences

Since the rise of the covid-19 pandemic, it was noted that numerous businesses were closed, including schools. A lot of students stopped learning due to the decision to close schools to prevent the spread of the virus. Although the government, together with the health organizations, in the effort to resume learning, suggested online classes, both students and teachers are having a hard time. Worry no more, video solution is the answer.

Problems with Online Classes

No one was equipped to face the challenges that the covid-19 pandemic has brought upon businesses, professionals, and students. Truth be told, even the government, the health organizations, and the law enforcement sectors were caught unprepared. Aren’t we all? Conducting online classes was the only feasible solution to allow students across the globe to continue learning and eventually get the degree they desire. However, both teachers and students are having difficulties. Teachers need to sit in front of their computers and talk for hours. Writing on the board and walking around the room was no really an option. Therefore, making online learning quite boring. Students lose focus and learning isn’t optimal.

Getting Optimal Results Even in a Virtual Setting

Every problem has a solution. For virtual meetings, conferences, and online classes, a video solution such as Swivl Robot or Uniview Conference Camera can definitely help. With Swivl Robot, teachers can finally teach their students the way they did it in the classroom. Swivl Robot has the ability to detect your position. It moves as you move around, left or right. Hence, teachers can start teaching the way they normally do it in the classroom. Uniview, on the other hand, has a 100° ultra-wide horizontal view, capturing the entire board behind you. Both feature professional quality audio to make conversations and interactions even better.

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