3CX Web Client Takes Communications to the Next Level

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP), a technology allowing you to make voice calls using an internet connection comes in handy for your business most especially during this pandemic. With an impeccably reliable software, 3CX web client IPPBX phone system, your employees can communicate seamlessly with each other and with your clients.

Going digital is the new normal. Thankfully, VoIP (voice over the internet protocol) is available, making communication possible without physical interaction. Thus, helping you keep your staff safer. 3CX is perfect for internal and external communication.

What is VoIP?

Voice over internet protocol allows the transmission of audio data over the Internet. It eliminates the need for old PTSN lines and traditional telephony. Phone systems based on VoIP technology allow awesome and beneficial features such as free phone calls and reduced call rates for both long-distance and international calls. IT’s definitely a great tool to communicate with clients, customers, staff, and families around the globe.

What is 3CX web client?

3CX is an open-standard IP Phone System that relies on VoIP technology. It’s an Integrated Web Conferencing software and it’s your one-stop tool for all communication. The 3CX Web Client is easy to use and combines all the features you need to efficiently communicate, collaborate, and connect with colleagues, partners, and customers, straight from your browser. Packed with unified communications features, 3CX helps users to increase their productivity and mobility.

What’s in it for you?

3CX is just one of the workflow solutions that your business needs. Copia, a leading digital workflow solutions provider based in Australia, which has branches in Dubai and in the Philippines, is a certified partner of 3CX since 2016. 3CX Web Client software is only one of the many business solutions Copia provides to help you experience simply better workflow. By choosing Copia and 3CX, you can expect:

* Host and supply 3CX phone system in the Cloud

* Ease of usage

* Availability even during outages

* Get rid of an onsite PABX

* Savings on electric bills

* Regain space

* Windows, Mac, iOs, and Android compatible

Accessibility and Mobility

Access 3CX on your phone, laptop, or computer. Be on the go! Work, communicate, brainstorm ideas wherever you are. 3CX Phone system comes with a client (available for Mac, Windows, Android, and iPhone) that is making every unified communication feature, call control, and even conferencing totally accessible and easy. Send and even receive calls right on your phone.


Telecommunication is quite costly and for every business, every dollar counts. With 3CX, you can make calls within your department, or even with other departments without spending more money on these communications. With 3CX, not one of your staff is going to miss an important call due to a lack of call credits.

Our 3CX Web Client Plans and Editions:

3CX empowers your workforce with seamless communication. Here is the different 3CX Server Standard Edition plans that may suit your needs depending on the number of calls your business makes.

·        3CX Phone System 4SC – $199 ex. GST per month.

·        3CX Phone System 8SC – $300 ex. GST per month.

·        3CX Phone System 16SC – $450 ex. GST per month.

·        3CX Phone System 24SC – $600 ex. GST per month.

Looking for something more? Call us and let’s talk more about your business need. Copia also offers upgrades that are automatically activated using a license key and without the need to reinstall your 3CX phone system.

What can you expect from Copia?

Copia will be hosting your PBX in the Cloud. Get all the features of the 3CX Phone System without the hassle of managing it yourself.

·        Copia hosts the system for you

·        The monthly hosting includes system configuration changes

·        Get rid of your old onsite PABX. Save space and electricity on your premises.

·        A new VoIP handset will be needed. You can also use the software-based VoIP client on your computer using a compatible headset.

·        Handling of the backup phone system is guaranteed without any need for interaction on your end.

·        Copia handles all maintenance of the phone the system itself as part of the monthly charge.

·        The phone system is entirely independent of your network connection and office hardware. Outages won’t affect your phone system’s availability.

·        Use soft clients (iOS, Android, Laptop) via 4G to access your phone system during outages.

·        Our data centre contains multiple levels of redundancy that offer you the highest level of availability.

Copia loves to go above and beyond. We provide more than what’s normally in other plans. Since you are valuable to us, we offer these 3CX Plan Inclusions which are above and beyond the usual features:

·        Get 10 system configuration changes (new extensions, group changes, etc.) per month at no extra charge.

·        Business-grade SIP trunk

·        Unlimited number of extensions (limitations, if any, will still be your call license)

·        Additional handsets purchased from Copia will be provided to the phone system free of charge.

Prerequisites and Exclusions

·        A one-time setup fee

·        A separate fee for porting existing numbers into the VoIP system will be charged.

·        Hosting DIDs are charged separately.

·        Only 3CX supported handsets can be used.

·        Call charges will be billed separately. These are not included in the hosting charge.

·        A provisioning fee of $50 will be charged for every additional handset not supplied by Copia.

3CX web client allows you to effectively cut operational costs without sacrificing workflow efficiency and seamless communication, which are the keys to business growth. It’s time to take your business to the next level. Experience transformation. Copia together with 3CX can help you achieve your business goals. We offer a wide variety of workflow solutions that suits your business needs. Call us today at +61 8 82235590.

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