Olympus Digital Solutions: Always Ready to Conquer

OM Digital Solutions Corporation Launch Announcement

As a digital dictation solutions provider in Australia and as one of the trusted partners of Olympus, Copia takes pride in the new company, OM Digital Solutions Corporation, and welcomes it with open arms. We share the same values and goal with OM-D, which is committing to provide high-quality products to each of our clients. Hence, we proudly share OM-D’s venture.

The Representative Director and President of Olympus have made an official statement that on January 1, 2021, they are progressing as OM Digital Solutions Corporation. He further noted that for the past years, moving towards digitalization has indeed accelerated and in response to the rapid changes in the marketplace, they have been making new technological developments in a number of fields. Also, they are putting a great deal of importance on value, something that will never be waived.

The Past

Formerly the Imaging Division of Olympus Corporation, they have made a great contribution towards the global society through their products like cameras, audio recorders, and binoculars. In the camera business alone, they have utilized original ideas in the development of their products. During the film era, they have succeeded in developing the unprecedented, lightweight, compact design of the OM series of 35mm SLR (Single-Lens Reflex) cameras. Olympus has the passion and the development philosophy in the digital age. Thus leading to impeccable products such as Micro Four Thirds standard, and a lightweight, compact design, through the mirrorless OM-D series. Additionally, they have developed state-of-the-art technologies that deliver high-quality results, including but not limited to lens groups with high optical performance, High-Res Shot function, and world-class imaging and stabilization, which delivers high-resolution photographs for every photographer all over the world.

The Future

The company’s manufacturing capabilities are backed by forward-looking insight, close relationships with their manufacturing site, and a challenging spirit and have been the air beneath the wings of the business. OM Digital Solutions will continue to accomplish launching and innovating existing products like cameras, audio recorders, and binoculars. Moreover, it is committed to combining its manufacturing capabilities together with state-of-the-art technologies in providing new digital solutions that exceed the boundaries of the existing products in the market.

The Principles

The company name OM Digital Solutions has two key principles. “OM” is legendary, a piece of history and an expression of the company’s identity. Back in 1970, Olympus OM System was developed in order to conquer three challenges that had faced SLR cameras at the time:  their heavyweight, their large size, and the loud sound and shock that was caused by shutter operation. However, Olympus successfully managed to reduce the shock sound, making the cameras lighter and more compact while sustaining the highest level of performance. Olympus aimed for drastic reductions in terms of size and weight in order to allow the camera to fit comfortably in one’s hand. Through their uncompromising attitude towards design and manufacturing, they were able to accomplish this.

The letters “OM” in the company name represents every challenging, every difficult situation, and most importantly, the development of new products and technologies. Today, “OM” is reborn as “OM-D”, leading their imaging brand as the prominent mirrorless camera. Next is” Digital Solutions”, which engulfs their corporate posture and determination towards challenging the digital domain; both the imaging-related business and expanding boundaries.

OM Digital Solutions Corporation takes pride in the manufacturing of products that meet and exceed the market’s demands. A state-of-the-art business that challenges preconceived notions and tirelessly provides solutions for every professional and every consumer, allowing them to live fuller and richer lives.

Copia, together with OM Digital Solutions Corporation aims to continue our goals of providing quality products to each and every client for a simply better workflow and a simply better life. Call us at +61 8 82235590 for assistance in finding the right digital dictation and transcription products for your business and personal needs.

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