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Voice Recognition Software: How It Makes Our Lives Easier

Voice recognition software is now part of the lives of most people. Wherever you look, you find one may it be in your Apple device, Google, and at home with Alexa, Amazon’s smart speakers. With these devices and software available, it is clearly an indication that technology is advancing as the years go by.

Before we go any further, let’s try to know what voice recognition really is, if it’s the same as speech recognition, and how they work.

What is Voice Recognition?

Voice recognition is the process that enables artificial intelligence to both recognise and decode human speech patterns and then respond. Although voice recognition and speech recognition are terms that are often used interchangeably, they have different functions. Speech recognition software seeks to understand the words we speak, while voice recognition software seeks to identify who said them. But how?

How Does It Work?

Voice recognition may seem like magic for some, but this software isn’t magic. It’s the result of years of technological advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

In order to correctly identify who is speaking, voice recognition technologies such as Lexacom Echo analyse the features of speech that make it unique to each person, such as tone, intonation, dialect, accent, abbreviations, and colloquial expressions.

What are its uses?

Voice recognition can be used for a whole number of reasons; to set reminders, to command our phone to call someone on our behalf, to play the songs we like, and even to dictate and create documents without the hassle of typing!

Bringing voice recognition into the workplace can not only can it make tasks simpler but it can completely streamline our workflow, too.

For example, Lexacom Echo uses both professional-grade voice and speech recognition in order to create a system that completely revolutionises the way you work.

Echo’s speech-to-text technology creates documents at a speed of 120-160 words per minute (about two to three times faster than most people can type). It does this with market-leading precision and accuracy, thanks to its industry-specific dictionaries, and AI-based capability to learn.

Other Benefits of Using Voice Recognition


Depending on the voice recognition technology and where it’s installed – it’s trained to only respond and take direction from your voice. It’s designed to keep your documentation secure. Therefore, you’ll need not worry about keeping privacy and confidentiality.


For people with a disability or impairment, voice recognition technology can assist in both their personal and professional lives. The technology reduces, and in some cases, totally eliminates the need for a mouse and keyboard. Almost everything can be done through your voice.

Lastly, voice recognition software can assist people with dyslexia. It converts speech-to-text with such accuracy that it eliminates the concern surrounding incorrect spelling.   

If you’re looking forward to streamlining your tasks and experiencing simply better workflow, one of the leading companies in Australia that offer exceptional voice recognition software and services is Copia. Call +61 8 8223 9550 to place your order today!

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