NHS Digital Taster Day

NHS Digital Taster Day – a must-attend event!

Dr. Simon Bentley, Lexacom’s CSO attended last week’s NHS (National Health Service) Digital Taster Day, a successful event introducing the NHS Digitisation Program and the field of clinical informatics. But what is this event all about? Let’s talk more!

NHS Digital Taster Day

It is an event run by NHS Digital where tasters give an overview of practical clinical informatics and how NHS digital operates as the digital partner within NHS. The event is open to practicing clinicians, health professionals, and social workers with an interest in and responsibility for, the digital transformation of health and social care services.

Are you not from the healthcare field? Fret not! If you’re someone with an interest in the digital side of your organization, you are very welcome to attend. Its goal is to impart to the attendees an overview of the role of clinicians and other allied professionals in the IT programs and services that are supporting the digital transformation of the NHS.

What was learned during the event?

Simon commented that the NHS Digital Taster Day was a ‘Grand Tour’ of NHS Digital, NHSX, NHS England, and Health & Social Care. With each stop looking at their approach to clinical informatics. Moreover, it provided an overview of where the programs and policies have come from and where the NHS is going, with digitization being tackled.

A major discussion point was about Health and Social Care’s slow uptake of digital solutions and the possible causes. One takeaway from this part of the day was the merger of NHSX, NHS Digital, NHS England, and Health and Social Care into NHS England, and NHS Improvement will be a big step towards addressing the slow uptake while also accelerating the take-up of subsequent stages in the programs.

Undoubtedly, the key message from all speakers was that there must and will be a significant acceleration in digital transformation across the board. This last point had special resonance for Simon and many others at the event. As Simon said, “As both a practicing GP and in my role as the Clinical Safety Officer for Lexacom. The safety of the individual is at the heart of what I do. That is both in their health and, increasingly, their data.”

Supporting this, Simon also commented, “the point was stressed that NHS Digital sees itself as a health care organisation rather than a digital business. Indeed, most of its staff are still active front-line clinicians”.

The interesting topics discussed:

  • The history of clinical informatics.
  • The NHS’ structures for clinical informatics and digital health in England.
  • How the NHS is connected through NHS Digital’s managed national programs. These include the Spine, ERS, SCR, the COVID Vaccination Program, NHS Pathways, 111 online, and Child Protection Information System, amongst many others.
  • Understanding the primacy of patient safety in Health Informatics. Including, covering the tools that connect patients, while giving them more ownership, control, and access to their own records, and appointments.
  • NHS Digital as a National Health and Social Care Data Repository. That is what data does NHS Digital hold and how this is accessed?
  • The role of clinicians in NHS Digital. Across strategy, leadership, patient safety, and program delivery.
  • Career opportunities both within NHS Digital and the wider NHS, related to clinical informatics.

Who should attend the future events and why?

The NHS Digital Taster days are open to all Clinicians, and other interested professionals, from all levels. Working in both the wider NHS, Social Care, and associated organisations.

Attendance could fit into both the individuals’ and/or their organisations’ continuing professional development programs.

Further, attendees may want to explore a career in clinical informatics. Or understand how their day-to-day roles can be enhanced by a better understanding of clinical informatics in the NHS.

Be part of the next NHS Digital Taster Day!

Don’t miss out on any important information regarding clinical digitization. Join the next NHS Digital Taster on Wednesday, May 18, 2022. Another one will follow on Wednesday, September 21, 2022, where both will be on Teams and will run from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. It’s a free-to-attend event. However, while free, attendance numbers are limited. Register as early as now by clicking the link to the NHS Digital website.

What is Lexacom doing about NHS digitisation?

Reflective of how Lexacom started, it very much sees its role in supporting Primary Care practices, and other elements of the NHS, in their understanding and moves to digitisation.

As a leading supplier of digital dictation and speech recognition capabilities, Lexacom is accompanying the NHS on its digitisation journey. As a specialist in digital data management, within its niche, Lexacom can both help and advise on what to do. This can truly save the Practice Management team’s time and make things a little clearer or simpler for them – a great honour to the spirit of what Lexacom is all about.

Copia, as a trusted partner of Lexacom, and as one of the leading providers of digital healthcare solutions in Australia, supports the NHS Digital Taster Day events. We are committed to helping healthcare providers, healthcare professionals, and even other private sectors who are interested in digitisation.

If you are looking for effective speech recognition solutions, call Copia at +61 8 8223 5590 today.

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