Breach of Data, Proper Reporting, and Prevention

The Privacy Act 1988 ensures that all personal information pertaining to a patient or any customer must be handled with utmost confidentiality by agencies such as medical care facilities. However, there may be instances when a breach of data occurs.

What is a Data Breach?

Breach of data can occur when personal information that an agency or organisation holds is lost or is accessed or disclosed without authority.

What are the notifiable data breaches?

1.      When a device containing a customer’s personal information is lost or stolen

2.      When a database with personal information is hacked

3.      When personal information is mistakenly given to the wrong person

If and when any of these situations occur, all agencies covered by the Privacy Act 1988 are required to notify any and all affected individuals including the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC). This is a must most especially if there’s a chance for the data breach to result in serious harm towards the affected individual or individuals whose personal information is disclosed.

Reporting a Breach of Data

Before reporting, it’s imperative to assess the situation in order to determine is serious harm to any individual. Once you have completed the assessment and conclude that the breach will indeed cause serious harm, notify the OAIC using the online Notifiable Data Breach form.

How Copia Can Help Agencies Fight Data Breach

Copia, as one of the leading distributors of workflow enhancements utilising speech technologies in Australia, aims to aid agencies such as medical care facilities like hospitals, law enforcement agencies, and lawyers in many ways. Aside from a simply better workflow, Copia can guarantee safe data transmission. How? In partnership with Philips, it is possible with Philips SpeecLive Transcription Service.

Guaranteed Maximum Data Security

Data security is everyone’s concern these days. As a professional, worrying about data security isn’t a problem with Philips SpeechLive. It encrypts your dictations in every phase – recording, sending, and storing. Your files are safely kept in the cloud. In relation to that, Philips uses and guarantees state-of-the-art encryption standards to keep your data ultimately safe.

It’s time to take data security to the next level. Copia together with its partners can help you cut down security risks while cutting down turnaround times, cut operational costs, increase productivity, and get better accuracy. Call us today at +61 8 82235590.

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