Olympus RecMic II Speech Documentation Solution

Speech Documentation Solution: Olympus RecMic II

Olympus RecMic II, with its noise-canceling microphone, is considered one of the most reliable speech documentation solutions. As you know, background noise can be very disturbing whether you’re trying to watch a movie, talk with family members, or working. Sometimes, you just want to find a way to shut it out. Although that might seem impossible, Olympus has found a way to ease your noise troubles with its intelligent noise-canceling microphone, RecMic II.

What are its outstanding features?

Noise cancellation

Olympus RecMic II is specially created to take care of the high demands of professionals who long for excellent usability and results on speech documentation solutions. Thus, providing the awesome benefits of noise cancellation technology. It has a two-microphone system. With its flexible directionality, it only focuses on the speaker while at the same time, shutting down noise from the other directions.

Excellent audio recording quality

It’s a feature every professional will truly love. Background noise is reduced significantly or even shut off when you turn the directionality function on. It’s perfect for recording speech documentations in noisy environments. Professionals now have excellent and accurate speech documentation recordings – thanks to Olympus RecMic II.

Anti-microbial surface

Aside from a speech documentation solution, it’s a safer device to use as well. With the current covid-19 pandemic, cleanliness on every surface is of utmost importance. Olympus RecMic II has antimicrobial materials that effectively protect its surface from microbes.  

Plug and play

With Olympus Dictation Management System, you can have everything you need from dictation to transcription. Be confident about your data and its management through its strong data security and its user-friendly interface.

If you are looking for a reliable speech recognition solution, Olympus RecMic II is perfect for you. If you are looking for other options, Copia has a variety of workflow solutions that can meet your professional needs. Our team of professionals is more than willing to assist you in choosing the best speech documentation solution. Call us at +61 8 82235590 today.

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