Olympus Digital Recorder

Which Olympus Digital Recorder is Right for You?

When it comes to speech documentation, Olympus digital recorders play a very vital role in every professional’s task. Documenting dictations in a more efficient way has become possible. As a trusted global brand, Olympus guarantees high-quality sound recording for all professionals and for every type of usages such as recording music or speech. Additionally, Olympus guarantees the comfort and convenience of every user. Thus, its digital recorders are built with an ergonomic design for a more convenient way to record, pause, and stop audio recordings.

There are four Olympus digital recorders in the market that professionals like businessmen, medical practitioners, lawyers, law enforcement agencies, and musicians can choose from. These are the:

Olympus LS-P4 Music and Sound Linear PCM Recorder

With a high-resolution audio recording possible, Olympus LS-P4 goes beyond the quality of music CDs, It’s compatible with the FLAC format recording which reduces file size without any drop in quality. You can now record musical performances both instrumental and choral. Its compact size benefits you when recording outdoors. You can also wirelessly playback recorded audio with Bluetooth-capable speakers or headphones.

Check out its awesome features!

  • TRESMIC – Three microphone system for high-quality sound recording
  • Compatible with recording and playback of the lossless compression format, FLAC
  • Bluetooth compatibility for an expanded range of uses
  • A range of onboard editing functions

For more information on the Olympus LS-P4 Music and Sound Linear PCM Recorder, please click on this link: https://www.copia.com.au/product/olympus-ls-p4-music-and-sound-linear-pcm-recorder-with-bluetooth-8gb-microsd-card-slot/

Olympus LS-100 Linear PCM Recorder

Presenting the Olympus LS-100 Multi-Track Linear PCM recorder. This compact little wonder helps working musicians write music, create demos, rehearse, and capture live shows. It’s easy to use and musicians will appreciate the onboard tuner, metronome, and Lissajous function. Enjoy capturing every note of an ear-splitting live performance, having squeaky clean recording with the XLR inputs, and because it’s designed to do it all, the convenient multi-tracking capabilities.

What makes it stand out?

  • Technology to achieve ultra-high-quality sound
  • XLR and phone combo jacks
  • Multitrack functionality brings fun to the creative process

For more information on the Olympus LS-100 Linear PCM Recorder, please click on this link: https://www.copia.com.au/product/olympus-ls-100-linear-pcm-recorder/

Olympus DS-9000

The Olympus DS-9000 professional voice recorder has a dual microphone technology that allows a variety of optimized recording environments. They suit any working environment such as an airport, or construction site. A narrow directional technology ensures the voice is accurately captured. Setting can also be changed to suit a conference room with multiple individuals speaking, where a wide directional setting is ideal for recording in such conditions.

What are its outstanding features?

  • Professional Quality Studio Recording Built-in
  • Motion Sensor and VCVA Technology
  • Shock Proof Body Improves Longevity
  • Alcohol Wipe Resistant Body

For more information on the Olympus DS-9000, please click on this link: https://www.copia.com.au/product/olympus-ds-9000-professional-voice-recording-kit-and-dock-without-software/

Olympus DS-9500

The top of the range Olympus DS-9500 is the industry standard in professional dictation equipment. Designed for professionals who rely on secure, flexible, and reliable tools, it features real-time 256-bit file encryption, a redesigned Intelligent Dual Microphone, Wi-Fi function, and next-generation Olympus Dictation Management Systems (ODMS) software (optional). The DS-9500 is quite simply dictation defined.

Here are its exceptional features:

  • Enhanced Speech Recognition Accuracy by Intelligent Dual Microphone System
  • Efficient Workflow with Wi-Fi
  • Enhanced Security
  • Endless Flexibility
  • Impact & Alcohol Wipe Resistant Body

For more information on the Olympus DS-9500, please click on this link:  https://www.copia.com.au/product/olympus-ds-9500-no-software/

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